Ayurvedic Medical Consultation

During your first clinical Ayurveda consultation, you will have an initial meeting for your new client intake. Christine will collect an in-depth medical and lifestyle history and perform an extensive evaluation that examines data on the body from various perspectives such as a physical system containing the microbiome and as a subtle field of energy/experiences using live questioning, several types of Ayurvedic questionnaires, tongue diagnosis and pulse analysis. Based upon the final intake assessment, a detailed and personalized body-mind-spirit health-promoting protocol is formulated which includes recommendations on dietary changes, gut microbiome support, herbal medicine and supplements, personalized yoga and meditation practices, lifestyle practices, stress reduction with yoga, mantra and exercise, spiritual healing and growth, and five sense therapy. After being provided your personalized Ayurvedic treatment plan for review, you will then have an additional consultation whereby your plan is described in great detail and you will receive an instructional lesson on Ayurveda for your situation with time for questions. 


Follow-up appointments are also offered for additional support or for new conditions or concerns in a similar format and include an addendum or modification to your original personalized Ayurvedic treatment plan. 

Scientific Consultation

Dr. Peterson has research experience in academic science, government laboratories and biotechnology research.  She has consulted for various start-up companies, established botanical research companies, botanical gardens, universities, charitable foundations, and hospitals in the US and abroad.  She serves as a founding member of the Medicinal Plants Consortium at the San Diego Botanical Garden, member of the American Society of Pharmacognosy and Global Council for Ayurveda Research, and enjoys providing advice on collaborative research and product development. She is available for consultation on medicinal herb research and development, natural products discovery, clinical trials, grant applications, and microbiome research. 


Dr. Peterson has been teaching on the gut microbiota and Ayurveda over the past decade at universities, medical schools, and retreat centers.  She is available to teach on Ayurvedic science, microbiome, herbal medicines, science of yoga, and related topics in the context of academic curricula, conferences, and other programs.