Supporting, guiding, and empowering women interested in the life sciences is both 

important to me personally as well as to the future of science in the United States. Women offer unique perspectives and approaches, and their interest and representation in the sciences should be encouraged. As a female scientist, I have experienced instances of gender bias such that my opinions were dismissed or my research was not taken as seriously as male counterparts. I have learned how to overcome these obstacles through rigorous application of professionalism and high academic achievement. I am highly motivated to share these experiences and insights with young, capable women, foster their interest in science, and help guide their career development so that their ideas and research will be received openly and without bias. 


As part of my “Science Gives Back” campaign launched in 2012, I am currently volunteer mentoring girls and women in science at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels in San Diego County and beyond. The mentorship that I am providing to these students reflects the diverse needs of life science students and graduates today. Given the current NIH finding climate, students of the life sciences are expressing increased interest in entering industry, public health, law, and entrepreneurial positions thus modern science mentorship must address these diverse needs. I assist students with CV development, graduate school applications, GRE preparation, general career planning, interview preparation, letters of reference, timelines and accountability check-in meetings, and obtaining internships through my professional scientific network of academic and industry contacts. 


All services mentioned are offered free of charge as a gift to both my local community and women interested in science.